How to Get the Local IP Address of an iPhone 4S

After a long 3 weeks of waiting, the iPhone 4S I pre-ordered has arrived and I’m in the process of thoroughly testing Release 2 of KEYBOX against it.

Today I have found what may be an issue with finding the local IP address of the iPhone 4S……. and a solution that worked for me.  KEYBOX has a built-in web server for exporting and importing backup files and it uses the IP address retrieval technique described in Erica Sadun’s wonderful book The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook to serve and accept these files.

In at least my case that technique is no longer usable for the iPhone 4S only.  The issue, as far as I can tell is that appending “.local” to a host name and attempting to retrieve the IP address via the gethostbyname function results in a NULL pointer to a hostent structure.  Removing the “.local” works but the IP address returned is not local and is not accessible from my Mac, as shown below.

Old gethostbyname

I could not reproduce this issue on my other iOS devices and googled until I stumbled upon the below alternative approach by Zach Waugh.

Thanks to Zach, I am now again able to retrieve my iPhone 4S’ local IP address.  I have also tested this approach on my older iPhone 3GS and my 4th Generation iPod with positive results.

New gethostbyname

Hopefully I am alone in this issue but if others are experiencing it also, give this approach a try!

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